Bizarrely Basic

A research, design & storytelling lab that’s looking for clues to the future in the things that we don’t usually give a duck.

Sometimes it's easier to use real data and real science.

Sometimes it's better not to be serious at all.

By amplifying the perceptions that make no rational sense and transforming them into signals of the future, we aim to produce knowledge, challenge perceptions, provoke imagination, and create space for dialogues about possible tomorrows.

What do we do

Foresight Research

We do foresight research by looking for signals in the things that:

  • Are considered illegitimate (e.g., witchcraft)
  • Are unpopular (e.g., nudist colonies)
  • Make you uncomfortable (e.g., silence)
  • Are deemed merely dull (e.g., patent medicines)
  • Are sort of bullshit (e.g., astrology. Sorry)

We focus on where people aren't taking seriously to provide insights or strategies for imagining and designing a delightful future.

Live Publication

We are curating a living archive of design projects, concepts, artifacts, sociological oddities as well as day-to-day phenomena by featuring things that expose the nonsense signals of future through:

  • Projects (Art, design, science)
  • Stories (Real, fiction, it’s-said-that)
  • Ideas (Paper, blog post, truth, lie, gibberish)
  • Artifacts
  • And more

With this, we'd like to provide a sincere, ambiguous and just-because structure for things that do not have an obvious place.

Low-key Designing

We look forward to doing design projects, because Bizarrely Basic was born fresh out of a design school. But now that we have jobs, ha, designing is not at the forefront of the studio.

We do keep things running though. Work in progress:
  • A mansplaining course for woman.
  • A witchcraft workshop.

Low-key Networking

You can:
  • Sign up to add yourself to our database of potential collaborators.
  • Reach out if you have an idea but need other brilliant people’s help bringing it to life.
  • Share your project with our audience.


1. Wise
2. Silly
3. Exploratory
4. Critical
5. Dialogue
6. Story-telling

Get in touch

We have a lot of (good or bad) ideas for projects that we don't have the time to pursue ourselves.

No matter you’re an artist, maker, writer, engineer, psychic, chief, or shoe maker, reach out and explore how we can collaborate. 

We'd also love to hear from you if you:

  • Have an idea that you'd like to turn it into a real thing;
  • Have concepts but you need collaborators, or, simply a brainstorm;
  • Have existing projects that you think would be a great fit to be featured by us.


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